the advantages and installation of an electric fence

An electric fence is simple, fast and cheap to build comparing to a mechanical fence. The electric pulse takes care that the animals
stay away from the fence. Your fence hardly will be damaged and will last longer.

The shock from an electric fence system is achieved by making short-circuit.
This goes as follows:
1)   The energiser gives current pulses.
2)   These impulses are fed through a connection cable to the fence.
3)   The fence consists of conducting materials, often steel, stainless steel or copper,
       sometimes incorporated in synthetic materials, like poly rope, poly tape and poly wire.
4)   The insulators on the posts prevent the fence to connect with earth.
5)   When an animal touches the fence, the current pulses go through the body to earth.
6)   Through the ground (earth) the current pulses go to the earthpin(s).
7)   The earthpin is connected with the earth output of the fencer,
       with which the circuit is closed.