Zonnepaneel 20W
Zonnepaneel 20W
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Solar panel 20 W Powergard XP

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20 Watt solar panel suitable for powering / charging batteries of battery devices or other peripheral equipment with a max. consumption of 200 mA. Supplied incl. electronic charging unit. Dimensions: 38*48 cm and weight 2.6 kg.

Comes with 2 cable sets to connect a battery. 1 set with battery clamps and 1 set with connection eyes, suitable for M8 bolts.

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Package unit 1 st
Zonnepaneel (Watt) 20 Watt
Measurement 656*306 mm
Weight Kg 2.6

This polycrystalline is very suitable for use in combination with a 12 Volt energizer and (traction) battery. It delivers high power and also works well in low light. As a result, the battery will be able to continuously supply sufficient current to allow the energizer to do its job maintenance-free all year round and to keep the fence under voltage day and night. This panel is suitable for the KOLTEC 12 Volt battery device "Powergard XP Digital" (art no. 160-81087) to work all year round.

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