Powergard XP
Powergard XP Energ.KOLTEC Powergard XP 2,5J
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Energ.KOLTEC Powergard XP 2,5J

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Wet-cell fencer KOLTEC Powergard XP Digital
€349.95 €289.21
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Horse, Cow, Poultry, Bull, Pony, Pig (W&D), Sheep, Goat, Wolf, Deer
Impulsenergie max. (Joule) 3,1
Stored energy 4.85
Peak power (Volt) 8800
Tension at 500 Ohm 5800
Supply (Volt) 12
Consumption (mA) 140-190
Power booster Yes
Energy saver Yes
Mains power adapter incl. Yes
Adapter 12V connection ?

As accessorie available

Wet cell battery control Yes
Zonnepaneel (Watt) 20 Watt
Digital notification Yes
On / off switch ?

To turn on/off via a switch

Wet cell battery saver Yes
Application length CEE (Km) ?

Theoretical value based on capacity

Application length without growth 20
Application length (+Gr) 5
Package unit 1 st
A powerful and intelligent fence energiser. It inceases fully automatic the voltage when the tension on the wire lowers below 4.000 Volt by touching or growth of plants. It switches back to its normal economical operation, as soon as the load is norma. Growth of grass or weeds will be scorched, while the energy consumption stays low. with the built-in battery protector your expensive battery is well protected. With a tension of 5.800 Volt and 3,1 Joule at 500 Ohm a very powerful energiser. the display shows you alternating the tension on your application and the battery tension.

Can be easily extended with an 20 Watt Solarpanel  solid carry case or anti theft box. Can also be connected to mains with a 12 Volt adapter .

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