KOLTEC Energiser Powergard
KOLTEC Energiser Powergard
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KOLTEC Energiser Powergard

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Energiser KOLTEC Powergard 2,0 Joule, incl. mains adapter
€249.95 €206.57
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Species ?

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Horse, Cow, Poultry, Bull, Pony, Pig (W&D), Sheep, Goat, Wolf, Deer
Impulsenergie max. (Joule) 1,5
Stored energy 2
Peak power (Volt) 8500
Tension at 500 Ohm 3200
Supply (Volt) 12
Consumption (mA) 50 - 100
Power booster Yes
Energy saver Yes
Mains power adapter incl. Yes
Adapter 12V connection ?

As accessorie available

Wet cell battery control Yes
Zonnepaneel (Watt) 10 Watt
Digital notification No
On / off switch ?

To turn on/off via a switch

Wet cell battery saver Yes
Application length CEE (Km) ?

Theoretical value based on capacity

Application length without growth 5
Application length (+Gr) 1,5
Package unit 1 st

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