Solar kit KOLTEC PG100
Solar kit KOLTEC PG100
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Solar kit KOLTEC PG100

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  • Solar kit PG100 contains:
  • PG100 fencer
  • Wet-cell battery 12 Volt - 44 Ah
  • Solar panel 10W
  • Carry-case with SP-bracket
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Impulsenergie max. (Joule) 1
Stored energy 1.5
Peak power (Volt) 9400
Tension at 500 Ohm 5000
Supply (Volt) 12
Consumption (mA) 120
Power booster No
Energy saver No
Mains power adapter incl. Yes
Adapter 12V connection ?

As accessorie available

Wet cell battery control Yes
Zonnepaneel (Watt) 10 Watt
Digital notification No
On / off switch ?

To turn on/off via a switch

Wet cell battery saver Yes
Application length CEE (Km) ?

Theoretical value based on capacity

Application length without growth 3
Application length (+Gr) 0,8
Package unit 1 st

Complete kit to equip your electric fence with an allround solar nurished electric fencer. The PG100 wet cell battery fencer is a combi-fencer that can function on a 12 Volt wet cell battery as also on mains. Compact handy fencer that can be easily installed on a wall or post. The control light informs about the state of the battery. When it flashes green everything is allright, when it flashes red the battery needs to be recharged. The PG serie is also equipped with a battery protector, which prevents the battery to become discharged below the critical level of 10,5 Volt.  This prevents damage and prolongs the life of the battery.

Included is now a 12 Volt DC adapter to make the PG devices function on mainstream also. This adapter can be easily switched with the battery cable.

Peak tension 9.400 Volt, Loading energy of 1,5 Joule and an impulse energy of 1,0 Joule, this is a powerfull wet cell battery fencer suitable for the middle long fences. (<3km). The 10 Watt solarpanel is suitable for the charging /loading of wel cell batteries from wet cell battery fencers or other various applications with a max use of 100 mA and is delivered with an electronical charge unit and extra mounting support. Measurement solarpanel: 37*31 cm and weihgt 1,9 kg. The wel cel battery is a 12 Volt 55 Ah cycle battery with dimensions 240*175*200 mm and weight 20 kg.

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