Koltec has skilled technical employees, who take care of the
repair of broken devices, but also develop new devices. Because
this is in one hand, the experience of end users is used to develop
better products.

All devices shown on the website can be repaired by KOLTEC.

Below you will find a list of devices that are out of production but are still repairable:
EB 10

AC2 Hybride

MiniGard XXP not digital

Powergard old model nr. 160-81074

Powergard CC
Powergard XP not digital
Vulcan SE250,only repair on the printed circuitboard possible
Vulcan SE350
Vulcan SE425 model with yellow and lightbrown hood
MiniGard II Prof
Csikos Professional
HS50 en HS50 Solar-set 

Below is a list of devices that are out of production for more than 10 years making it economically and technically no longer responsible to be repaired.

Dragon Euro 12

EC 1000
EC 1500
EC 2000


ES10 until the production year 2012
ES 20
ES 20 Super

MiniGard I
ST, with brown (non transparant) pertinax plate and porcelain insulators
Vulcan SE200
Vulcan SE300
Vulcan SE400
Vulcan SE450/SE450D