En. KOLTEC MG XXP pond kit
En. KOLTEC MG XXP pond kit En. KOLTEC MG XXP pond kit
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En. KOLTEC MG XXP pond kit

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Minigard XXP Pond Kit
€294.95 €243.76
More Information
Peak power (Volt) 7500
Tension at 500 Ohm 4500
Impulsenergie max. (Joule) 3
Stored energy 6
Supply (Volt) 230
Digital notification Yes
Package unit 1 st
Alarm No
Application length (+Gr) 1
Application length without growth 1 km
Third pole No
Return pole No
This kit is designed especaially to fence ponds. the MiniGard XXP is an energiser that tolerates some growth of pond plants, without loosing the tension on the fence. This kit contains a MiniGard XXP, a connection cable set, 200 meter special turbo wire and two plastic wire strainers. Apart from this kit you need garden posts, with depending on which kind of post, matching insulators. When the MiniGard XXP is installed at a longer distance from the pond, we recommend the use of high voltage cable for the connection.

With a digital display which gives you information about the fence.

Because of the high power the energiser is extremely suitable for scaring away herons. These birds, that often fish the ponds empty, have insulated feathers, where the pulse of a less powerful fencer can't get through.

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