En.KOLTEC MG XP garden kit
En.KOLTEC MG XP garden kit En.KOLTEC MG XP garden kit
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En.KOLTEC MG XP garden kit

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Minigard XP Garden Kit
€194.95 €161.12
More Information
Peak power (Volt) 5700
Tension at 500 Ohm 2900
Impulsenergie max. (Joule) 1
Stored energy 2
Supply (Volt) 230
Digital notification No
Package unit 1 st
Alarm No
Application length (+Gr) 1
Application length without growth 1
Third pole No
Return pole No
In this kit there is a more powerful version of the energiser. This fence energiser is suitable for longer fences and is less sensitive for eventual light growth of weeds or plants. Besides the fencer we will deliver a basic kit with which a fence can be build. All you need to buy further are garden posts or insulator supports for the fence and an earthpin. The kit contains a MiniGard XP, 2 wire strainers, connecting cable set and 250 meter wire.

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