Mains energisers

An electric fence is simple, fast and cheap to build comparing to a mechanical fence.

The electric pulse takes care that the animals stay away from the fence.

Your fence hardly will be damaged and will last longer.


The SE-series consists of devices for professional fences on mains power. These fencers are very effective because of the wide pulse. By this the given energy is very well transmitted. This quality makes the series extremely suitable for difficult circumstances. The SE-series is provided with an extra terminal for connecting a small paddock or second wire on half power for optimal functioning with dry or frozen soils. The devices are economical in use and have a solid, splash proof housing.

Csikos serie

KOLTEC has developed mains operating fencers, specially for horses which meet the needs for animal friendliness and safety. Horses are sensitive animals, which are being kept behind clearly visible conductors such as tape and rope.Horses can detect quickly if the conductor is under tension or not. Therefore you need a reliable KOLTEC fencer, to keep your animals at all times in their paddocks.

Digital Display
What is the function of it?
- It gives you information about your fence
  situation in a split second.
- Displays the real tension on your fence.


Mains operating fencer especially developed for paddocks. The fencer supplies, with a stored energy of 1 Joule, a peak voltage of 8.300 Volt.