Battery powered energisers

The EC25, EC20, EB15 and HB15 battery powered energisers are technically very solidly built, stripped of all its frills, and very popular. The recognizable housing, in becoming a stylish camouflage is hardly noticed in the field. Almost every available power source can be connected to these apparatus.

All KOLTEC battery powered devices are delivered including a high quality connection kit, mounting (earth) rod and warning sign and mounting base.

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  1. New
    Energiser KOLTEC EC25 0,25 J
    €269.95 €223.10
  2. EC20
    Energiser KOLTEC EC20 0,2 J
    €219.95 €181.78
  3. EB15
    Energiser KOLTEC EB15 0,15 J
    €184.95 €152.85
  4. HB15
    Energiser KOLTEC HB15 0,15 J
    €169.95 €140.45
  5. Energiser KOLTEC HB10
    Energiser KOLTEC HB10
    €99.95 €82.60
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6 Items

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