Outdoor Brabant

Outdoor Brabant

19/09/2013 10:33

KOLTEC is involved in Outdoor Brabant (the Netherlands) for 7 years as sponsor.
KOLTEC delivers fencing materials and is the sole manufacturer of fencing devices in The Netherlands.

At Outdoor Brabant you can not find much electric fence but KOLTEC delivers kilometers of rope and a hughe amount of posts on the Prinsenhoeve to fence off the track.
Also many well-known horseman use the KOLTEC fence materials. Hilko Dammer, the manager of KOLTEC, notices that Oudoor Brabant becomes more professional every year :" The event grows and knows how to attract a wide audience. That is a good development which we like to support."
KOLTEC is considering therefore to become Exclusive Business Partner of Outdoor Brabant next year.

Source: Outdoor Brabant, September 2013.

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